Who are we?


GENÇ Construction continuously reviews its quality policy. The purpose of that is to ensure and maintain the compliance of the activities of our company in our fields of business.

Our company has been established by Saffet Genç on 1953 to provide contracting services and has undertaken many successful projects in Turkey. Our founder has given authority to the second-generation managers for the constitution of the new administrative structure on 1990 due to the requirements of a more reformist and developing growth process.In this process, our company has been serving successfully in various projects in domestic and abroad, and has improved its experience over time and proved that always aims the best with its certificates of excellence. Our company serves all kinds of civil, infrastructural, design, mechanical and electrical installation works by using the recent modern technologies:
• Infrastructure; our company has successfully completed many infrastructural projects in domestic and abroad. We have provided services such as sewerage systems, collector, construction, drinking water lines, marine discharges, roads and galleries, wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants and seawater treatment plants.

• Dams; as well as building dams which meets water needs of Turkey, but also, we have established multi- dam and hydroelectric power plant projects abroad.

• Stripping and transport works, besides operating construction works, our company also gives services for stripping, transporting and mining of precious metal ores.

• Housing and building, we have successfully completed the public buildings projects such as hospitals, schools, housings, social facilities and commercial centers in abroad, in addition to almost every province in Turkey.

• Industrial buildings and factories, in many provinces, the industrial buildings and factories, which are in the first places in terms of size, are constructed and delivered by our company and operating smoothly.

• Roads and bridges, we have successfully completed many road, highway and bridge projects by using the recent modern technologies.

• Restoration, our company contributes to development and protection of historical and cultural assets of residential districts in which include enterprises and plants are located.

• Irrigation, we have been entrusted with water supply projects for various core organizations. Drawing from the experience of our own, we have gained specialization in pioneering water supply projects within the stipulated time frame.

• Design and Project, we have successfully completed many turnkey projects, in domestic and abroad, which were planned and designed by our company.

GENÇ İnşaat, with its highly competent and qualified technical and administrative staff and comprising engineers from many disciplines, in addition to architects, economists, business managers, sociologists and technicians, serves its basic objective of meeting the requirements of the clients with the highest quality, at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. We believe that we will achieve bigger projects with the contribution of our healthy, safe and environmentally friendly working culture, solid background and dedicated professional staff.
Thriving with each passing day and adding strength to its structure through its offices in various parts of the world, GENÇ İnşaat has the unyielding will to carry on being one of the most significant engineering and consulting companies in its region.


Genç İnşaat gave priority to benefiting from the opportunities of technology and following the latest developments, satisfying its customers and employee, developing and finding solutions. Having an innovative, competitive and success oriented existence while sticking to our principles and keeping our stable growth is our vision.


Using the newest and most modern engineering and construction technology with our knowledge, skill and experience and maintaining the former success, so as to execute projects that ensure maximum value and customer satisfaction.


We do works in the contracting field that will meet the needs and the expectations of the customers and we provide quality service at an international level that is appropriate to legislative regulations and specifications.